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Kampagne 'Europe Act Now'

Ziel der Unterschriftenpetition ist es, Möglichkeiten für Botschaftsasyl, Einreisevisa, Familienzusammenführungen und Resettlement Programme zu erkämpfen und damit Fluchtwege nach Europa für syrische Flüchtlinge zu öffnen.

Aus dem Aufruf:

"More than 130,000 men, women and children have died since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in March 2011. Currently 2.4 million registered refugees are on the run from war. Incredibly, only approximately 81,000 refugees have sought protection in Europe to date. This represents a mere 3% of the people in need of protection. It is estimated that by the end of 2014, there will be 4 million registered refugees of the Syrian conflict. The Syrian refugee crisis has become the greatest humanitarian tragedy of our time.

Europe Act Now is a campaign that asks people to give their voice to survivors of the Syrian crisis via Twitter, Facebook or any other means. Your thoughts are important to your friends and followers. When you give your voice to refugees of the Syrian crisis, you connect their message with an ever-growing audience. The greater the number of people who sign up to the cause, the more we can encourage Europe’s leaders to listen and respond to the voices of the men, women and children fleeing the Syrian crisis and take the following 3 actions:

Give refugees a safe way into Europe
Protect refugees arriving at Europe’s borders
Reunite families torn apart by crisis"

Weitere Links zum Text:

PETITION UNTERSCHREIBEN: http://www.helpsyriasrefugees.eu

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